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The Case

The client operates a manufacturing business with factories in key cities across Indonesia. Due to a restructuring of a division with the business, the company decided to close down a small factory in a remote province and shift its production to a more centralized factory.

While the company has taken necessary actions to continually employ the staff, discontent with management resulted in retrenched employees occupying the manager’s office and threating him with force to comply with the employee’s demands for compensation. The local police are unwilling to response as they consider the problem a ‘labor dispute’. The client requested the activation of our Tactical Strategic Squad to protect the manager’s life and company assets.

The FSI Approach

FSI on site Tactical Strategic Squad dispatched members of its unit to evaluate the situation. Local police was invited to assist but they have no specialist available to address this type of situation. Simultaneously, the FSI National Command Center consulted with the client to discuss options on how to resolve the situation peacefully. Negotiation was prioritized while minimal use of force was deemed as the last solution and only to be taken when necessary.

All the site, the Tactical Strategic Squad devised a plan of action to extract the manager. Using his extensive experience, the squad leader opted for a visual presence of the Tactical Strategic Squad while negotiating for the manager’s peaceful release. Despite an emotionally charged atmosphere the employees agreed to release the manager unharmed.

The FSI Solution

Clients often have large and remote areas to manage, in which law enforcement agencies are unable to control. Clients are also often forced to comply with illegal ‘protection’ arrangements with law enforcement bodies. But when cases eventually involve use of force and result in by standers being hurt, these law enforcement bodies are highly unlikely to hold responsibility.

FSI’s Tactical Strategic Squad provide clients with the tools to address these situations, as well as to prevent loss of life and assets when it is most crucial: before an adverse event occurs. Each member of is “ready to be deployed anytime, anywhere in any situation”. It is a tool that can bee applied when needed, in a variety of locations and on-call around the clock. Our Tactical Strategic Squad also operates within legal frameworks, without sacrificing the quality of protection it provides.

FSI Tactical Strategic Squad Services:

  • Crowd control
  • Armed response
  • Apprehension of violent offenders
  • Labor dispute negotiation support
  • Access control
  • Valuable and cash transit protection
  • Company regulation enforcement
  • Hazardous material protection
  • Illegal detention retrieval
  • Support from the FSI K-9 Squad
  • Vehicle control