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The Case

A multinational oil and gas company set out to develop a remote oil production in Indonesia. The local community resisted the company’s arrival, as entire village was required to relocated to a newly built compound. FSI was engaged to develop, plan and execute a security program to address the challenges from this community while simultaneously protecting the company’s key assets and industrial safety concerns.

The FSI Approach

By doing a through and comprehensive security audit, FSI was able to integrate and define the outcome of the project even before deploying to the site. The deployment of the FSI Surveillance and Detection Team played an important role in our security program. Our team delved directly and subtlely into the local community to collect information and nurture a harmonious relationship.

Furthermore, employment opportunities created by FSI — a program that was developed based on information gathered by our Surveillance and Detection Team — provided a significant part in the company’s external relationship strategy and is now used as a model in the company’s other production sites.

The FSI Solution

Behind every effective and efficient security program lies a good information and management system. This is where our Surveillance and Detection team comes in. Their basic function is to collect and analyze information as well as expand the system to support our Security Officers in performing their duties. They worked together with the client in developing an active security network.

In addition, the team is able to perform surveillance and detection duties in cases where white collar crime is involved — such as embezzlement, money laundering and insider trading. They are also ready to help clients who want to do background check on certain companies or people.

FSI Surveillance and Detection Team Services:

  • Information collection and analyzing (off site and on site)
  • Active security network development
  • Cost efficient sourcing of surveillance equipments
  • Background check
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Tresspass detection
  • Suspect tracking
  • White collar crime detection