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The Forestry Industry

A multinational forestry company suffered years of abuse from various sources: encroachment from illegal loggers; government officials abusing their power to extort money; unreasonable demands from a powerful labor union and the local community. Loss of productivity started to impact upon the bottom line and customers became dissatisfied with the intermittent supply of finished products.

The FSI Approach

FSI developed a threat profile that identified various groups — those that supported the company, those that presented a threat and those that were neutral. This profile also outlined in detail the range of threats the company faced in the future and their relevance to the company’s bottom line. A detailed loss study was initiated to identify the depth of losses from illegal logging and the cost of replanting of saplings in those areas destroyed.

The FSI Solution

FSI quickly established a strong and reliable force of security officers to put in place a safe working environment. Within six months, the production was unhindered and allowed to freely proceed and the workforce re-established trust in the management. FSI also worked with management to recover and prevent illegal logging from within the concession.
Demonstrations and illegal blockades were reduced to negligible levels, while civic action and personal approach were initiated to support the local communities and establish a healthy working relationship with the local government officials. The active patrolling of the concessions lead to the detection and extinguishing of forest fires while they were still containable.

The Logistic Industry

A multinational logistic company have been suffering major losses from one of their warehouses. The client suspected members of the company staff were involved in the theft and were running a racket with organized criminals.

The FSI Approach

FSI was engaged to replace the security officers and to control strict access for an initial period with the management’s support. Dramatic improvements in the client’s stock were recorded within a few months of FSI taking on-site control. Employees who were found involved in the theft were apprehended and delivered to the police accordingly. Our Surveillance and Detection Team also found that criminal gang members were extorting money from contracted truck drivers of the company. By identifying the gang members and implementing a strict access policy, we were able to reduce the extortions significantly.

The FSI Solution

FSI provided the client with information to pin-point area of loss and was able to make direct impacts upon improving their bottom line and increase profits.

The Plantation Industry

FSI was contacted by a major national crude palm oil (CPO) plantation owner who were facing theft of its products done by members of the local community. The vast area covered by the company’s plantation prohibited the local police force from responding promptly.

The FSI Approach

FSI initially defined the operating space of its security force by studying the client’s expectations, the existing security force configuration and defining the threats faced by the client. In its evaluation, FSI found that the security force was understaffed, elderly, related to the perpetrators and without leadership.

The FSI Solution

A more active security officers, some of which were recruited from the local community, replaced the client’s guard force. FSI immediately applied and active area patrolling operation, detained some of the organized criminal offenders and turned them to local authorities. We also deployed our Surveillance and Detection Team to advice key community leaders and employees about the implication of stealing company products and were able to reduce losses by a large percentage. The active patrolling system we implemented also reduced on-site road accidents and in most cases served as a first aid response.

The Gas & Oil Industry

Please see the What we are Offering » Surveillance & Detection Team section for detail FSI Case, Approach and Solution.