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FSI National Command Center is the “nerve center” of our operation, a place where all reports are sent, where supervising and evaluations are done, where orders are given. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the National Command Center enables us to observe our operation in real time, without delay.

Good information management is key in the smooth operation of our National Command Center. Its activities can generally be divided into three categories: input, process and output. The main elements are SITREPS (Situation Reports of what is happening) and PROGREPS (Progress Reports relative to an objective that has been set).

Quality Assurance

To ensure that each operation meets the highest quality standards, FSI applies a strict control procedure while also providing an Internal Affairs division as part of our operational system.

Controllers are deployed covertly. They provide critical information regarding the implementation of our system in the field, this information is directly reported to FSI Director of Operations.

Our Internal Affairs division diligently investigates all complaints — be it from clients, surrounding community, and even from our own personnel. These investigations not only bring light to any misconduct or inappropriate activity, but also protect our personnel’s performance.